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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 23:21:26 EDT From: Subject: reunited with dad-8 After taking a quick shower, me and Mikey took Eric out to breakfast pre-teen girl incest at a local diner, then drove him sites pre-teens porn out to the password bbs pre-teen airport to catch his flight to Miami. He shared a lot of laughs, and promised to pre-teen model galleries all keep in touch more in the future. Mikey begged Eric to meet him in one of the airport restrooms to pre-teen russian nude pageant give him a more memorable good-bye. I sat out in the waiting area while they disappeared into pre-teen black sluts the john. Mikey later detailed to me how he lured Eric into the very last stall, then got on his knees while Eric sat on the toilet bowl and got his dick sucked. Mikey bobbed his head up and down in Eric's lap, swallowing his cock until he finally unleashed his cream into Mikey's stomach. When they both came out of the restroom, I could see Eric was a lot more relaxed for his flight, and Mikey was licking his sticky lips. We watched Eric's plane take off from Mikey's car. Mikey blew my pre-teen porn ukraine in the front seat as we sat parked by the east fence, away from any traffic. He dropped me back off at home before heading into work as a police officer for the county. I spent the rest of the day laying around relaxing, and drifting off to sleep while watching television. At around 6pm dad came home. I handed him a beer upon entering, as he sat his briefcase on the floor. We ordered out for chinese food, and ate in practical silence while the TV played in the other room."What's going on with us, dad?" I finally asked, unable to hold off any longer."What do you mean, son?" asked dad, sounding clueless."I mean..., we barely talk! We've pre-teens boys photos hardly seen each other since I got here....""That's because YOU've been busy with this wedding, and the bachelor's party, and catching up with your friends..., -I didn't want to intrude." -countered dad."That's all over and done with. But even when we do spend time together in the house, we don't talk." I complained."We talk." -said dad."Not really..., not like we used to." I said, sadly."When I tried to talk to you, to ask you how you felt about the wedding, -you didn't want to talk about it!" -explained dad."I'm not talking about the wedding dad..., I'm talking about US!" I clarified. "You've spent more time with Eric than you did with me...!""That's not fair, Danny..., I opened my home to the both of you!" -said dad, feeling insulted as he got up from the table with his dishes. I knew I'd just hurt dad's feelings, but sometimes I felt like he'd prefer it if Eric was his son instead of me. I heard him slamming his plate non nude pre-teen model into the sink. I followed him into the kitchen."I didn't say that you haven't been hospitable, dad..., -I'm saying that you and Eric have spent more quality time together, that's all.""Well maybe you and I could've spent more time together, IF you weren't hanging free little girls pre-teen out all night with your friends! Did you ever think of that?" –snapped dad, turning on the hot water to wash the dishes. I walked over to him as he was adding in the dish detergent. pre-teen schoolgirl tiny titties I touched him gently on his round hard shoulder. "I don't know what you want from me, Danny. You wanted space after college, I gave you space. You wanted to come back, I opened my front door. What more do you want?" he asked, looking over at me with frustration written all over his teen pre-teen naturist face."I want what you gave to Eric." I said softly, running my pre-teen and teen nudist hand down his broad back. Dad hesitated as I leaned in closer to him, my other hand reaching up to caress his strong jaw. I saw his eyes close as he started breathing hard through his nose. My touch got more aggressive as I rubbed his neck and turned his head towards me. Then I leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips."I'm sorry, son..., I can't..." he said, pulling away."No dad..., just try!" I insisted, reaching around his waist to pull him in frontward. Dad fought, but I did manage to get us facing each other before planting a hot kiss on his lips. For a split second he seemed to be into it, but then he grabbed me tightly about the shoulders and free pre-teen nude photos pushed me away."Danny, I said NO!" he said, breaking the kiss. I felt totally rejected."Why not, dad? It's not like you don't DO it! I've seen pre-teen models legal you with Eric, AND with Mack! I know you still fuck around!" Dad's face dropped in shock. He didn't know I knew about Mack."That's different, Danny. THEY're different!" –was all he said."How?" I questioned, needing more answers."Cause I'm not related to them! They're not of my loins! I'm your father, not your boyfriend! It's not right!" –yelled dad, shutting off the water before exiting the kitchen."I thought we already went through all of this years ago! I don't care that you're my dad, -it doesn't change how I feel about you! In fact, it makes the bond between us stronger!" I believed."I'm not comfortable doing things to you that I do with other men. I never was..., -I only did it back then because you were so adamant about it. I didn't want you growing up to resent me.""So you..., you never wanted to?" I asked, feeling like a knife had men fucking pre-teen girls just pierced through me. "You just did it to please me?""Danny, I..." I masturbation pre-teen pulled away before he could touch me."All this time I thought you wanted me as much as I wanted you..., but that was a lie?" I asked, searching my memories for the truth."Danny..., -son, please..." Before dad could say anything else to hurt me, I left. He followed me outside as I ran from my car and sped away. I was 28 years old, a grown man with a job and steady bills. --yet here I was with tears in my eyes, hurt that my daddy never wanted to have sex with me. I drove around for awhile, looking for someplace to drown my sorrows. But I didn't want to go pass pre-teen thumb galleries Jon's bar, I wasn't in the mood for his kind of attention right now. All I wanted to do was get laid, -preferably by a stranger. Someone that would fuck the shit out of me, then leave without speaking. And being out pre-teen pantyhose models of town, there was only one place I knew to go to get that kind of attention. I headed out to Kalif's strip club on the outskirts of town. It was a Monday evening, so I wasn't expecting there to be a large crowd like it was on Friday. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of cars in the parking lot. I knew from an earlier encounter, that the cock sucker's pre-teens porn galleries entrance was in the back of pre-teen young naked girls the building. lesbian pre-teen adult So I didn't even bother to enter the main entrance. Along the back (which was littered with trash spilling out from the un-dumped dumpster), was a plain double enforced door which I had to pound on to get one of the bouncers to answer. A big black muscle man opened the door, an angry expression written across his face."$10!" pre-teen girls pics non-nude he said, already knowing what I was there for. I fished out 10 bucks from my pocket, then followed him inside. I could hear the muffled music pumping through the walls, as the straight crowd of men partied out front with the female strippers. I hoped the girls were putting the men in a really horny mood, as all I wanted was cock for the night! "No talking to the customers, No giving names or phone numbers, No touching, No letting them touch you, No anal sex, No refusals, No hand jobs, and NO fighting over dick! Understood?" tgp non-nude pre-teens --recited the bouncer, before opening the door to the BOX."Yeah." I answered, stepping inside. The room was dark and narrow, with a strong smell of sex and semen in the air. I saw the long row of stools lined up before glory-holes, but not every hole was open for business, as the crowd was lite out front, and the cock suckers were limited. Only 3 of the 10 holes were open, and all of them were currently servicing customers. The bouncer inside the BOX led me down to one of the available seats, then unplugged my hole (letting the men on the other naked pre-teen photos side know my hole was now open for business). I sat on my stool, watching the line of guys service cock. Of the 3 other guys, 2 of them were white, and the other 1 was black. I watched their mouths glide back and forth as they ate dick, sucking and bobbing as they bathed the cocks in heavy spit. I saw the black guy choking, and knew the cock in his mouth was feeding him cum. Another guy was milking a cock with his hand and mouth together, causing binaries pre-teen nude the man on the other side of the wall to groan and grunt loudly. My won cock was rock hard with anticipation. I german pre-teens nudes didn't have long to wait, as a rather average sized white cock came through my service hole."Suck me, bitch!" ordered the guy, obviously drunk. I leaned forward and swallowed his cock whole in one gulp. "awww fuck yeah, whore! Eat that dick!" he insulted, as I clamped my throat muscles around his shaft. I bobbed my head back and forth, enjoying the taste of his cock as I lavished it with my mouth. It didn't take long before I had it throbbing and pulsing in my mouth. I thought I was about to get my first load of the evening, when he pulled out. I gasped with the absence of cock, my mouth and throat hungry for his load. That's when I saw dude's mustached mouth appear at the hole before me."Put your pussy up to the hole bitch, I want to fuck it!" he insisted. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I knew the rules said `no anal sex', but the mere thought of having my butt fucked had my asshole puckering widely. "C'mon honey..., my cock's hot for you cunt! I gotta big load for ya!" --he encouraged. I looked around the room to see that the security guard had stepped out, -all the other met pre-teens illegal cock suckers were busy servicing. When dude pushed his hardon back through the hole, I couldn't resist feeling it in my ass. I stood up and undid my pants, pulling them down around my ankles before turning my back to the cock in the wall. I spit a big gob of spit into my hand, then massaged it into my ass crack, moistening my hot hole. Then I did the same to the hard cock behind me. I heard the man moan as I aimed his cock up to pre-teen beach naturism my anal-cunt, then backed it up on him. "Ooooo biiitccchhhh, yyeeeeaaahhhhh..." --he groaned as his cock penetrated me. pre-teen girl underwear "Shit you're pre-teen babes sex tight! Is that your ass? Are you taking pre-teen nudist pics me in your ass? Oh shit, you're one hot bitch!" he gasped, as my hole opened and he moved in. I settled my ass all the way back on his cock, feeling my butt cheeks press against the wall. I leaned forward, resting my hands on the stool I had sat on, while my anal fucker fucked my man-cunt from behind."Oh yeah! Oh shit, you're one nasty girl!" he said, pumping in and out of me. My own cock was rock hard between my legs as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the probing. I could hear my guy telling the other men on his side of the wall about my "hot ass", telling them they needed to get over here and try it. He fucked me with hard strokes, the wall inbetween us taking the brunt of his thrusts as his pelvis slammed into sheet rock. I tried massaging his cock as much as possible, milking the head uncensored newsgroup pre-teen and shaft as it moved in and out of me. All too soon I felt his cock throbbing inside me again, but this time he didn't pull out. "Oooo fuck! Shit bitch, you're making me cum in your ass!" --he yelled, thrusting forward to bury his boner in me all the way. I felt his cock pulsing, knowing he was emptying his load in my gut. He held himself inside me for a minute before pulling out. I removed my ass from the hole, but pre-teens photos nudists my anal session was far from over. One of the cock suckers lost his cock, as the man pulled his dick from his hole and walked away. I saw the cock sucker peeking through his glory hole, wondering where the man went, when it suddenly appeared in my hole. 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The cock sucker that had it before me had succeeded in putting it in a frenzy, it was already close to cumming before ever making contact with my ass. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks to give it more room. The cock sucker sitting at the empty hole got up. I thought he was going to go find one of the bouncers and have me kicked out, but he came over to my stool and knelt down before me. Without even asking, he leaned forward and took my hard cock into his mouth and sucked."uhh..." I whimpered, feeling my cock throb in his mouth. He was an expert sucker, taking me all the way down to the balls and suckling my entire length like a new born baby lamb on it's mother's teat. With my torso bent over his head, he buried his face in my groin. It was a great feeling having two totally separate sensations going on at once. The cock sucker's lips felt like heaven running up and down my shaft, while the anal fucker felt great tearing into my cum greased bottom. 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Dude pulled his tongue from my ass, then resumed his seat in top nonnude pre-teen sites front of his glory hole. I resumed mine too, waiting for my next meal."Slow night tonight, eh?" asked the new comer, sitting next to me."Yeah..." I answered, not really in a mood to talk. To my surprise, it was Mikey, just off work from his police asian pre-teens nude duty (he was in plain clothes of course). "Mikey! I didn't know that was you!""Obviously!" he laughed, good heartedly. "Had pre-teen boy nudists much dick since you've been here?""Only two." I said, sounding disappointed."I was afraid of that." -said Mikey. "I know another place we could go..., a truck stop down off the main highway that gets a lot of horny truckers come through at night. I've had some really wild times there, getting gang fucked in the store room behind the diner. We could head out there if you'd like?""Sounds good to me." I pics of pre-teen girls said, ready for a gang bang. Just then, a big black dick came through Mikey's hole, -we both looked down at it, then nude pre-teen forums at each other. "Just give me a minute to finish up here..." smiled Mikey, taking the hard black cock in his mouth. An hour later we were pulling up into the parking lot of the truck stop, a small old fucking pre-teen popular diner just off the interstate where a lot of truckers go for quick foot, to stretch their legs, and get their cocks drained from the local queers milling about in the dark bushes young pre-teens and dumpsters surrounding the place."Just follow me." --informed Mikey, pre-teen naturist pics free leading me away pre-teen education from the car. There were about 10 to 15 trucks parked out in the large parking lot (most with the motors still running), and a few cars too. First we made out way into the diner, and ordered 2 cups of hot coffee at the counter to scan the room and see who was there. There were about 20 guys present, eating late dinners or desserts while they rested before moving on in their journeys. The only females were the waitress, and an older woman with her husband (obvious out of towners). But Mikey was sure to point out all the guys he knew he was sure he "messed around" with (discreetly of course). It was obvious that they recognized Mike pre-teen girl naked too, as they couldn't seem to keep their eyes off of him. One trucker walked up to the counter to pay his tab. When the waitress turned her back to ring it up on the register, he turned towards Mikey and groped himself. Mikey looked down at the trucker's cock lump, and licked his lips. When the waitress turned back around, she handed the trucker his change while he flirted litely with her, before heading back down the hall towards the back exit."Give me 5 minutes, then follow me out." --whispered Mikey, getting up from his seat. He paid our tab, then walked down the same hall the trucker went. I sat at the counter, finishing up my coffee before heading down after him. Outside the back door was an old run down shed, surrounded by pre-teen porno a bunch of liter and vegetation. The door to the shed was slightly ajar, so I made my way over to it. Inside was dark (no light, except for the moon outside), but I could see that there were several people inside. I walked in and waited for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light. I could hear heavy breathing, shoes shuffling against the wood floors, and the sound of slurping. When my eyes adjusted, I pre-teen fucking pictures made out Mikey on his knees before the diner trucker driver, sucking away at his exposed cock. The man leaned back against the wooden wall, enjoying the feel of Mike's mouth on his dick. I felt someone's hand reach around my waist, fumbling with my fasten. Soon he had my pants open, and sexy young pre-teen models was reaching his hairy hand down inside my underwear. A large hand wrapped around my erect cock, squeezing it hard as my pants were lowered to expose my bottom. Hot breath touched my neck as someone began licking. I pussy pre-teen could see more clearly now, and noticed 2 pre-teen photo naturism men in another corner of the shed, one was facing a wall with his pants down while another was standing behind him fucking him. Beside them stood another man, stroking his cock while awaiting seconds. The guy behind me stroked my dick while he suckled my neck. I reached back behind me to feel his hard cock straining to get out of his pants. It felt massive, like a fucking pole running down the left leg of his pants. pre-teen model art He pulled me into his crotch, grinding himself into me. "I want to fuck you" he whispered in my ear in a deep raspy tone. I pulled at his zipper, trying to free his monster while I watched Mikey suck one trucker, while 2 others fucked in a corner. Soon I had my man's cock out, stroking its no nude pre-teen hard length in my hand. I aimed the hooded head up between my ass cheeks, loving the way it felt against my moist cum leaking hole. When the head touched my rosebud, I pushed back, feeling it stretch me. "Oh yeah..." moaned the man, his mustache scratching against pre-teen latin models my ear. "...your ass is already lubed, you came to get fucked!" --he assumed, thrusting his hips forward to bury his cock inside."Ohhh..." I groaned, feeling him invade my bowels. pre-teen girls india His cock was bigger than the 2 at the strip club, wider even --as it stretched me twice as much. I felt his strong arms incase me, holding me firmly in place as pushed all of his muscle up into me. Some of the cum residue left inside me, acted as lube as his cock ran easily in and out. This was exactly what I needed, cock from a stranger to help get my mind off my father's rejection. The guy fucking me held me tight, one hand stroking my hardon while the other twisted my erect nipples and held me steady by the torso. His cock squeezed through my slick anal ring, fucking me deep as I watched the trucker throat fucking Mikey pull him up off his cock. Mikey turned around to face me, and dropped his pants. We stared into each other's eyes in the dark. He was smiling at me as the trucker behind him, slowly worked his cock into his hole. I saw Mikey's mouth open as a long groan escaped his throat. The trucker grabbed his hips and started fucking him, roughly. Mikey panted hard, losing his breath as his ass was taken."Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, man! Give me that dick!" moaned Mikey, encouraging the trucker to get wilder. Soon the man had him nearly bent double, ramming his ass hard as hell as the slapping sounds from their crashing flesh filled the shed."Take that cock, fucker! Yeah, work that nude pre-teen free ass-pussy on my dick! Squeeze it! Squeeze it! Harder! Yeah!!" yelled the trucker, increasing his assault. Mikey grabbed his own knees lil pre-teen girls naked for support while the man fucked him standing up. My fucker got rougher as well, inspired by Mikey's fuck. He matched thrusts with the other trucker, fucking me with the pre-teen pornography jpg same intensity that Mikey's man did. Soon we were pre-teen non-nude models both panting like girls, our asses dually fucked in the same manner. My fucker walked me over to where Mikey and his man were standing. We held onto each other for comfort and support while our men went wild on our asses. Mikey reached up and kissed me deeply, his warm tongue entering my mouth as we shared in a sloppy free pre-teen models wet kiss."Mmmmmh..!! MMmmh..!! MMmmh..!! MMmmh..!! MMmmh..!!" he moaned into my mouth with each thrust into his ass (as did I). We were being fucked mercilessly by two big truckers. The guy behind me came first, gripping me tighter as his cock swelled, then started free pre-teen xxx galleries dumping load after wonderful load of thick wet trucker cum into pre-teen young girl my aching innards. I could feel his cock straining inside of me, as it pumped out the last of his cum. When he dislodged, I felt another cock enter. This one belonged to the watcher across the room that had been eyeballing the 3rd couple. His cock was short and fat as it pushed up into my loaded asshole, the cum making his entry easy."Oh fuck, -what a slick ass!!" he moaned, fucking me roughly right from the start. Mikey and I continued to kiss, sucking each other tongues as Mike's man started to load his ass up with sperm. We both heard the man grunt as his cock erupted and filled Mikey's rectum with a river of cream. Mikey pulled his tongue from my mouth, then spun around and started sucking the man's cock clean. The shed door opened, and virgin pre-teen pussy in walked another trucker. I could see the small shed starting to fill up with the men from the diner. Obviously this shed was a popular fuck dump for many of them. After Mikey finished sucking the trucker's cock, he walked over to a nearby create and pre-teen african porn laid down on his back. He parted his legs and waited as the new comer walked right over to him, pulled his hardon from his faded jeans, and pushed it all up inside Mikey's ass. Then he grabbed Mike's hips and started fucking him hard and deep. The guy fucking me placed me down on the dirty floor on all fours. His cock voyeur pre-teens never left my asshole as he continued pumping into me like a dog. Soon I had another cock shoved into my face. pre-teen sex xxx I sucked it in immediately, not even caring who it belonged to. Cock was cock, and the only source of protein when you're hungry for cum. I didn't care if the fucker was old and cripple, so long as his dick hardened and was capable pre-teen porn stars of giving me what I wanted. My pants were down around my knees, leaving my bare ass vulnerable to attack. I was fucked front and back simultaneously, filled with about 14 inches of cock at once from front and back. The guy at my head loved ramming my throat, pumping his phallus through my throat ring with every thrust. I opened my mouth wide, allowing him access as deeply as he wanted. I could smell his cock hair every time his pelvis pressed into my nose. I felt the guy at my ass starting to trimmer, he fucked me harder as he rammed me rougher, pounding my ass with deep jabs just as he started to cum."AAAAAHHHHH shit, you bitch!!" he screamed, filling my bowels. Soon I felt nude russian pre-teen models him removing his cock, leaving my asshole empty as he moved on about his business. The man in my mouth never stopped fucking me. pre-teen art pics nude I felt another guy lining himself up at my ass, pushing his cock into me. 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Another guy took his place, ramming straight into Mike's butt and fucking him like a paid whore. For the next hour or so we were fucked by nearly every trucker we saw in the diner. pre-teen art gallery The last guy to cum was the cook, whom came out for a cigarette break and a blow job. Both Mikey and I took turns sucking his cooks cock, sending him through the roof as we both swallowed his cock one at a pre-teen movies time until he finally unloaded. Then we shared his cum load in a sloppy kiss. The cook stumped out non nude russian pre-teen his cigarette butt, and returned to work with his balls drained. Mikey and I cleaned up in the diner's man's room, wiping all the stale stained cum from out ass and faces. My asshole felt wonderfully wide and open, and could not possible tighten up enough to keep the cum inside me. I went into one of the stalls, and emptied my bowels into a Styrofoam cup, then fed it to Mikey. Mikey ate the cum loads of 8 men who fucked me in pre-teen kdz sex that shed. We kissed each other as I thanked him for a lovely night. He drove me back to my car at the strip club, then we went our separate ways. When I got home to my dad's house, I was surprised to see the lights on in his bedroom. I parked my car out on the curb, and walked in quietly incase he was staying up to talk to me. I'd just had the time of my life getting gang fucked by a bunch of horny truck drivers, and was not ready to face reality with my father. I crept through the house, hoping to make it up to my bedroom without alerting him. Maybe tomorrow morning I'd split to go pre-teen 14 back home to Bridgeport, my boss would sure be happy to see me. As I entered into the living room, I noticed an abundance of empty beer bottles on the coffee table. Had dad had company after I left? Or did he get himself drunk after our argument? Curiosity got the better of tgp pre-teens me as I climbed the stairs. Dad's bedroom door was open, and I could definitely hear voices. I peeked down the hall from the stairs banister, to see figures in dad's room, -and the unmistakable sound of the bed springs popping. Dad was getting fucked! Slowly, quietly, I crept my way down the hall to peek in pre-teen lollita porn through the door. There was dad on his back in bed, the back of his head buried in his pre-teen girls fuck pillow ukrainian pre-teen porn with his knees pressed tightly up against his chest. A well defined white guy was on top of him, fucking hard into dad's bare ass as he held him down with all of his weight on top. I could see mr Mack milling around watching, fisting his big young pre-teen naked hard chocolate cock while he watched my dad get fucked. I felt my own dick starting to harden, -was this Mack and Ray coming by to fuck me and dad like promised? Looks like they started the party without me...!Continued...
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